Friday, May 29, 2009

School Carnival Pictures

Mommy and her girls hanging out
at the school carnival on Friday!

Here's Leah making a bracelet. She also got
her face painted and hair spray painted purple!

Here's Lauren waiting in line
to get her face painted while
enjoying her snowcone.

My crazy team!

Dancing to High School Musical!

Round 1 Pie Eating Contest -
whose idea was this anyway?

Serious Shannon

Crazy Carol!

Snazzy Steph!

Marvelous Melanie!

Picture Perfect Pat!

Jammin' Jen and Jill!

Round 2 Pie Eating Contest -
we all went home smelling like
sour milk! It was really nasty!

And here's two random pics of the REMAX hot
air balloon that came to our school last week.
The girls really thought it was cool and wanted
me to post some pictures of it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Field Trip pictures to Old McDonald's Farm

Here's the pics from the girl's field trip............Enjoy!

Enjoying a cool treat because it was HOT!!!

So much to do!!!

Going down the BIG slide!!!

Giddee up, ya'll!!!

Just a swingin'.............

Feeding the deer..........could it be Bambi????

Come on, ride the train!

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it - haha!

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