Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding and Family Reunion

This past Saturday we went to the big city of Jewett for my cousin Jeffery's wedding. My grandfather married them so that was really neat. He and his new bride, Jocelyn are now honeymooning in Costa Rica - I am so jealous!!!

They had a really nice dinner and dance reception following the ceremony. All the kids were intrigued with the "love doves" they had at the reception.

The next day we had a family reunion at the same place as the wedding reception. My aunt Paula (Jeffery's mom) said they were up there cleaning from the wedding until 2:30 a.m. We stayed and danced until about 10:30 which was late for us with three kiddos in tow. Here's a couple of family shots from our immediate family group - I think we were all there except for one - my cousin, Matthew. There was alot of other family members there from my grandmother's side of the family - her sister and 4 of her brothers plus all of their families. We had a great time seeing everyone and talking about old times.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The girls went to VBS this past week at First Baptist Church in The Woodlands and they had a blast! So, that left some time for Logan and I to do some fun things together this week. On Monday we went to the pediatrician and got the all clear from the doctor that his ears and chest are clear - yeah! Tuesday we went to a gym class for toddlers at My Gym over in The Woodlands and then up to our church for a fun day just for preschoolers. They had shooting water turned on and tons of beach balls for the kiddos to play with. Logan mostly just wanted to run all over the place.

We ran into our friend Brandy with her new baby, Dylan, and Sarah and her baby, Bayley. Logan knows Bayley because she goes to Ms. Cheryl's with him during the school year. Logan doesn't meet a stranger so he was eager to give baby Dylan kisses - too cute!

He wanted Bayley to have his hat even though
she already had her own.

Baby Dylan and his mom Brandy

Little Miss Bayley

Aren't they so cute????

We tried to get a group photo, but Logan was not quite cooperating with us.
He wanted to run!

Here are some pictures from Logan's fun day at My was an entire class full of boys! He loved being able to run around and explore the toys and gym equipment.

The girls got to attend VBS this week with one of their friends from back in the day when they used to go to Ms. Rhonda's. Here they are posing at VBS Family Night.

Seeing them with Taylor brought back so many memories of when they were really little. I started looking through old pictures I had that Ms. Rhonda had sent me from when they would go to her house. Here they are posing with Taylor. It seems like so long ago that they were this little. I wish I would have had a blog back then to journal things they were doing at that time. It's crazy how much you forget, but when I see these pictures it brings back so many memories!

Here are the girls when they made Christmas sugar cookies at Ms. Rhonda's. I can see Logan in both of them at this age.

Poor Leah didn't have much hair for the longest time. You'd never know it by looking at her hair now.

Here they are making a Mother's Day present for me.

They always had a fascination with hats. Logan currently has the same fascination - must be hereditary????

Here's a video of the girls at VBS Family Night singing one of the songs they learned this week.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here are pictures of the girls with their MawMaw and Papaw. They spent the weekend with them a couple of weeks ago. They are posing for a photo op. while having a picnic lunch at the park in Huntsville. They also got to feed the ducks and take a tour of Sam Houston's home next to the picnic area.

They weren't sure what to think about some of the strange things they saw while touring his home. They had lots of questions and couldn't understand why someone would want a bear skinned rug on the floor of their home. Too funny!

This weekend we celebrated Father's Day with Stephen's parents on Saturday, and then with my parents in Huntsville on Sunday. We had a great time with family and lots of good food to eat! This weekend my cousin Jeffrey is getting married in Jewett so we will be going up there for the wedding. Then, we're having a family reunion the next day so we'll be staying the night at the Jewett Hotel (that should be interesting). Leah gets her cast off on Friday (hopefully) and she is dying to go swimming. So, I called this hotel and found out they don't even have a swimming pool. That figures! So, I'm planning a special trip for Stephen and I to take the girls to Splashtown. They have never been to a waterpark and we thought they would enjoy that. Plus, I found these great coupons that are too good not to use. Tomorrow the girls have VBS again and I am taking Logan to a gym class for toddlers at this place called My Gym. I used to take the girls there when they were little, however, Logan is a whole different ballgame. I'm not too sure how he is going to do with following directions and sitting in a circle and all that.....should be interesting. I'll try and get some good pictures so that I can post them. We went to our first "Mommy and Me" swim class last Friday. That was something I couldn't ever do with the girls because you had to have two people. So, it was a new experience for me - Logan LOVED the water of course! He did pretty good, however, he did not want to put the toys away when it was time to. He's just a tad bit stubborn (must take after his Daddy) heehee!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Enjoying our summer days......

Since we can't go to the pool yet, we've been finding other fun indoor things to do. Tuesday we went to the library for story time. I was worried how Logan would do, but he actually sat in my lap the entire hour. The storyteller was very entertaining and sang lots of songs so he really enjoyed that. Wednesday we met up with our friends Kooper and Jill at Chuck E. Cheese. We got there right when they opened and we were the only ones there for a while which was nice! Here are some pictures of the kids playing and having fun.

Here's Leah helping Logan with a game.
You can kind of see her new blue cast she got on
Monday. We have actually kept every cast she has had
and have quite a collection in the attic. We have 2 hot pinks,
1 purple, and now a blue, and several slings.

Why isn't this car moving???

Logan didn't want to give up the
steering wheel

May the best tot win!

The girls posing on this new horse
ride/game that was really cool

After Chuck E. Cheese, we headed over by the mall and caught the first Woodlands WaterWay Taxi of the day. We took the tour and then headed back to the mall for lunch and a ride on the carousel of course! We really had a lot of fun!

Today we met up with Kooper and Jill again at Pump-it-Up - one of our favorite places to play. This was Logan's first time to really play there and he had no fear whatsoever. He wanted to do everything the big kids were doing. Here are some pictures from our visit today.

Jill and Kooper coming down the slide after
a journey through the maze and obstacle course

Leah and Logan waiting at the top
of the big slide for their turn to go down

The girls are quite protective over their
little brother. It's almost as if he has three mommies
instead of one!

Tonight one of Stephen's good childhood friends, Chad, came over to visit and we went for a nice dinner out all together. Chad was one of the groomsmen in our wedding and now lives with his family in Japan where he is an agent for NCIS. He has been visiting relatives here in the area this past week and had the chance to come by and see us. We hadn't seen Chad or his family since their going away to Japan party last year. Good times! Here's a link to their family blog to read more about their adventures in Japan

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