Sunday, April 26, 2009

Astros game

Today we took the girls to their very first Astros game! They were very excited and asked LOTs of questions about everything that was going on at the game. We had great seats right along the third baseline - I don't think I've ever sat that close before. Here's a few pictures from our day at Minute Maid Park. Logan stayed with Nanny and Grandad because we knew there was no way he would sit still through 9 innings!

Friday at school the girls had their Kindergarten musical. I have some pictures and video to post from that, but I'm having some difficulty getting it to download so I'm going to try sending it from my computer at work tomorrow. They were so cute! I thought they might get shy with all the people around, but they didn't - they were all smiles!

The girls were supposed to try out for swim team and go to swim team rookie camp a couple of weeks ago, but then Lauren got pneumonia and those plans got cancelled. Long story short, we got special arrangements for the girls to try out even though the "official" try-outs were over. My AP at school even invited us over to her house so the girls could practice in her pool. My main concern was that they wouldn't be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping - especially since they haven't swam since last summer. Well, Leah wouldn't even get in the water because she said it was too cold, and Lauren tried but couldn't swim the entire distance without stopping. So, I just decided it was probably best that we not try out this year and save myself some sanity. If they made the team, they have to go to practice every day after school plus be up at 6:00 a.m. on Saturdays to attend swim meets. When you have a husband who doesn't get home until midnight or later and you're a working mom with three kiddos, that's hard to do! The girls said they would rather start gymnastics or dance again this summer and that was totally okay with me!

On a totally different note......while we were picking up Logan from Stephen's parents house this afternoon after the game, I was browsing through some old photos they had saved to their computer of the girls. I just couldn't believe how much they have changed and grown! I just had to post a few of them that just really made me smile!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Leah and Lauren!!!

Today is Leah and Lauren's 6th birthday! Be sure and check out the slideshow above from their birthday party Saturday at The Little Gym (which is a very COOL place to have a birthday party, by the way)! It was six years ago today that they entered this world - Leah 8 minutes older than her sister. I can't believe it has been that long ago! Happy birthday to my sweet girls! Today is also a special day for my friend Brandy that I work with - her baby boy, Dylan, was born this morning. It's neat that he was born today - Brandy and I joked about the possibility of that happening, but didn't really think it would. Happy birthday baby Dylan too!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

My little man at Easter service Saturday
at our church here in The Woodlands.
Isn't he so handsome????

My precious Lauren at
church on Saturday afternoon.
MawMaw bought them the
cutest dresses, bows, shoes,
and purses!!!

My sweet Leah -
just gorgeous!!!

My happy little trio!

And.....sometimes not so happy...

More pics from church.....

On Easter Sunday, we went to Huntsville to our old church (UHBC) which is where I grew up, and where we got married almost 10 years ago. My parents still attend there, so we went to church with them and then to their house afterwards for lunch, treats, and egg hunts!

MawMaw's famous bunny cookies!

Logan on the loose in Papaw's

Pretty Easter baskets from
the Easter bunny - he came to our
house and even made a special
stop at MawMaw's house too!

MawMaw trying to corral all the
kiddos for the egg scavenger hunt.
Logan's p.j.'s he got from the
"Easter Bunny" - this suits him

Last, but not least, a random
pic of Logan from last week. He has
this wagon that he likes to get into
and have the girls pull him around the house.
Usually he gets out before I can get my camera
out quick enough, but this time I got one!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday! Also, say a prayer for Lauren this week. We found out today she has pneumonia. She stayed home with Stephen's dad today and is taking breathing treatments every 4 hours. Luckily, it is a mild case and we caught it early so the doctor is not too concerned. However, I'm a nervous wreck about it! I just pray she heals quickly and that we'll still be able to have the girl's birthday party this weekend. The doctor said she should be fine, but she'll just have to take it easy the next few days.

Friday, April 10, 2009

This past week at school has been a crazy one! Here's a few photos from yesterday....

Here's some of my team during
the egg hunt for 2nd grade. It was
about to rain and the wind kept
blowing our rabbit ears off!
Someone asked us if we were
supposed to be the "Playboy
Bunnies". Hmmmmm.......
I don't think so.

Here's Shannon and Jill dancing
to Easter music and entertaining
the kids at recess yesterday.

Here's Amanda and I dancing
and having a blast!

We also had a baby shower yesterday after school for Brandy. Her sweet baby boy Dylan is due any day now. He is a truly a miracle baby and we can't wait to meet him!

Here's our team before the shower.

Brandy opening her gifts.

Sarah's looking very

Pat and Melanie making a mess
cutting cake!

Shannon and I -
punch servers.....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Boy and Avalon concert

Here's a video of Logan that I just thought was too cute! This was on our way to church yesterday and he was just a happy little fellow clapping and singing to the music.

Avalon was in town this weekend and they were supposed to be attending an event, but it got cancelled for some reason. So, they called FOTW and asked if they could come by and sing. Evidently, Greg Long, one of the members, used to be a worship leader there and is good friends with alot of the church staff. We got there early and sat on the front row. We even got to talk to Greg Long for a little bit - he was walking around down front right before the service started. Here is one of the video clips I took of them singing one of their most popular songs, "Testify". It was soooooo awesome! We waited afterwards to get autographs and pictures with them, but they never came out. I think they were getting ready to sing for the next service. Oh well, maybe next time. At least I got some awesome video.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Morning with Mom"

Friday was "Morning with Mom" at school and the girls and I got to school early to enjoy some yummy, yet very sugary, donuts and juice. The cafeteria was PACKED as well as the parking lot. We barely got a spot! Our school is so big that we have to have Mornings with Mom three days in a row to accomodate everyone. The girls got to have "Donuts with Dad" back in the fall so they were excited that Friday it was my turn.

We had a great day today - played at the park, went to a birthday party, and then had dinner with some friends that we hadn't seen in a really long time. I'm really looking forward to church in the morning. I found out today that one of my all-time favorite christian groups, Avalon, is going to be leading worship at our church in the morning. Evidently, Greg Long, one of the group members used to be a worship pastor there and they're all here on a visit and decided to come by the church and sing. I have seen Avalon in concert many times and they are awesome! Stephen and I went about 3 or 4 years ago and saw them at the Pavilion. My friend Shawn went to church tonight and said she was able to get their autographs, took pictures of them with her daughter, and even got to chat with them. How cool is that???? I hope we'll be able to do that tomorrow. I'll post some pictures if I can get some good ones. Until then......TTFN!

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