Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend of birthdays

This weekend we had many wonderful birthdays to celebrate! We started off on Friday night by surprising our good friend, Wyndell, for his 30th birthday. We all met at Guri do Sul for dinner which is alot like Fogo de Chao in Houston....they bring meat out to you on much meat as you want! Needless to say we were all stuffed at the end of dinner and Wyndell seemed surprised. I'm still amazed that we didn't get kicked out of the restaurant.....our group tends to be a little bid loud.

The birthday boy!

Here's Wyndell and Marcus gettting a few slices of meat!

Stephen and our good friend, Jeff.
Jeff works for HPD so he keeps us all
in line. LOL!

Early Saturday morning we headed downtown to the Children's Museum for another birthday party. Stephen's cousin, Ben, has a little girl named Regan and she turned 2 this weekend. We actually had never been to the Children's Museum, but I can definitely say we will be going was very neat! The girls did NOT want to leave! I told them that maybe we could come back during Spring Break so they could have more time to do everything. Here are some pictures of the things they enjoyed most about it.....
Working as cashiers in the "HEB Market"

Here's a quick video of them in action.....

Crawling through the maze tower....

Just scootin' around!!!

Pretending to be veterinarian's at the Animal Care Clinic. Lauren especially loved this
because she would love to really have this job one day and she was a vet for Halloween this past year.

Logan was chillin' in his cool shades waiting
for cake and icecream!

Logan wasn't too sure what to think about the museum.....he just had to touch everything!

Then, yesterday afternoon we headed over to our friend Bayley's first birthday party. Bayley is Logan's friend from Ms. Cheryl's house and I teach with her mommy. Check out this awesome birthday cake made by our friend, Brandy! It was very yummy!

Logan and his buddy, Kooper.

Kooper's mom caught Logan being silly on the stairs!

This is a picture of the birthday girl and her mom, Brandy and Dylan, Jill and Kooper, and me and Logan. We all teach 2nd grade together and have kiddos around the same age.

Here's the girls posing with some
of Bayley's other friends at the party.

I think Bayley likes the Little People
blocks we gave her for her birthday!

It was a busy weekend, but so fun to celebrate with great friends and family. Next weekend, we'll be celebrating Mawmaw's birthday up in Huntsville - can't wait!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day 2010 at the Zoo

Today we went to the zoo to ring in the new year. One of the best things about it was that it was FREE!!! The zoo has several holidays throughout the year when they offer free admission so we thought we would take advantage of it today. It was Logan's first trip ever to the zoo so it was neat to see his reaction to all of the animals. He loved them all of course! Here's some of the best shots from the day......Happy New Year everyone!!!
One of our first stops was at the
Children's Zoo section.
Logan loved crawling through
the prairie dog tunnels with
his sisters.
Look at those two cute little
prairie dogs that popped up!
Make that......three cute prairie dogs!
Checking out the goats in
the Petting Zoo.
I think this was the one second
Logan actually sat still during
the entire trip. Lucky for me,
I caught it on film - that's rare!
I caught the girls trying to hide
in a seashell!
Leah stopped for a minute to rest.
Logan really liked the
playground area and kept sliding
over and over again.
He also managed to find time
to chase the pigeons around.
All he kept saying was, "I touch bird."
I kinda felt sorry for those poor pigeons
running for their lives!
Mommy and her girls!
I think we may have spotted Nemo!
I also found the two bricks engraved with my class' name on them. We adopted Kiva, the giraffe, and Smaug, the Komodo Dragon last year. I was excited to see that our bricks were already out at the zoo entrance! I'll have to make sure I show my students this year when we go on our annual zoo field trip in March.
Here's Lauren in the reptile
exhibit! She loves snakes, bugs, and
anything slimy! Not sure where
she gets that from!?!?
Stephen's parents went with us
to enjoy the day and we managed to
get a good group shot before we left.
We also had to swing by and ride
the train. They have updated it
and it was very nice! Logan kept
yelling, "All aboard!" at people.

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