Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 7th birthday Leah and Lauren!!!

Last Saturday was the girl's 7th birthday party at SK8 Town. Stephen has been gone on business all this week so I am just now getting some pictures posted....
Here's their roller skate cake all lit up!
Logan was really interested in talking
to "Roller Roo"!
Both girls got a spin on the birthday wheel......Leah won a free t-shirt and Lauren won a free skate pass!
SK8 Town gave us TONS of tokens
so the girls had fun playing games with
their friends when they needed a break from skating.

Enjoying pizza - yum!

Here's some of their friends at the party.......
My brother and I reliving our days at the skating rink in Huntsville.......we had many birthday parties there growing up.

There they go..........whizzing around the rink!

Mr. Wyndell and Jeff being silly
and goofing around........as usual!

Happy 7th birthday to my
sweet girls!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last Friday my good friend, Allison, and I went to the 2010 Twilight Convention at the Galleria in Houston. We discovered a while back that we both love the Twilight series and are both "Team Edward" fans. So, it just seemed natural for us to go to the convention when we found out it was coming to Houston. It was actually all weekend long, however, we mainly wanted to see Peter Facinelli, aka Dr. Cullen. They even offered "Breakfast with the Wolf Pack" on Sunday morning, but we were all about seeing the vampires - we figured it was the closest to Edward we would ever get in real life. LOL!

Stephen tagged along with us and we actually had a blast! I was so giddy and starstruck, it wasn't even funny!

Here we are checking in at the
Westin Galleria Hotel.

We decided to leave a few questions
for "Carlisle" to hopefully answer for
us while he was on stage.

We made it!

MUCH love for the vampires!!!

NO love for the werewolves!!!

I got called on stage to play a Twilight Trivia game.....the questions were really hard so I didn't do very well...........Yet another reason I need to reread the series this summer.........

Here's a few close up shots of Peter..............*sigh*
I loved how he walked around in the crowd and didn't just sit on stage the whole time. He was very interactive with the audience and we loved every minute of it!

My autographed picture of Dr. Carlisle Cullen......he looked sooooooo different in person.

My encounter with Carlisle was great......very nice guy! A moment I'll never forget!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

School Egg Hunt and Swim Camp

Yesterday at school all grade levels had their annual egg hunts. I managed to sneak down the hall to catch my little "bunnies" heading out to do their egg hunt with all the other 1st graders.

Posing with their teacher, Mrs. Jarratt

Then we headed up to the CISD Natatorium for the 4th night of Swim Camp for the girls. They are trying out for our neighborhood swim team on Saturday and have been attending "rookie" camp all week. They were really nervous the first night, but each day have gotten better and better.
Here they are waiting their turn to get into the water with the coaches......they really enjoyed getting to see alot of friends from school.

Logan had fun watching up in the bleachers.......however, he really wanted to be down in that water! He kept saying, "I swim!"

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