Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun Weekend......

This has been such a beautiful and fun weekend - spring is in the air and I am so lovin' it! I had a wonderful birthday yesterday at school. It was Rodeo/Western Day and I got to country line dance all day with my friend Dana at work.....the students absolutely loved it!
Here are some pictures from this past week that I have been wanting to post......
One night this week, we gave Logan some chocolate pudding for dessert and this was the outcome........
Needless to say, he went straight to the bathtub!
Thursday was "Jump Rope for Heart" at our school. Our students raise money for the American Cancer Society. Some of us teachers went down to the gym during our student's P.E. time to jump with them. I wasn't exactly "dressed" to jump, but I didn't care! It was fun!
Friday night, my parents came down to celebrate my birthday. My mom made a delicious homemade dinner of chicken fried steak with all the fixin's. Here's some pictures of Logan "helping" Papaw wash the dishes. He thought he was BIG stuff.
Today, I took the girls to their first birthday party at SK8 Town. They have their own skates and can skate really well, however, we've been hesitant to take them there since Leah broke her arm three times last year. Their friend, Jake, from school was turning 7 and they really wanted to go. I even got out there and skated too! It sure did bring back some memories from the good old days when my friends and I would go skating ALL the time. That was pretty much all there was to do in Huntsville back in the day. I can remember going to ALOT of birthday parties there - it was the place to be! It was fun to skate with the girls today.....they had no idea their very cool mom could zoom around the rink like that - LOL!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally...........I'm able to sit down and do one of my most favorite things - write! I was getting ready to sit down and post some pictures and things on Sunday, and then Sunday afternoon, I got really sick out of nowhere. I started throwing up and having really severe abdominal pain. I just assumed I had eaten something that didn't agree with me. Then, Monday morning comes and I am still really feeling sick. By Monday afternoon I took a turn for the worst so Stephen made me a doctor's appt. It's a good thing we went in because it ended up being a really bad UTI/Kidney infection. My white blood cell count was sky high so they gave me a shot of Phenegran to help with the nausea and put me on an antibiotic. No one believes me when I tell them that these are symptoms you can have with a UTI/Kidney infection, but it's true! Google it, research it, it's there! I had no idea that's what was wrong - I thought maybe I had swine flu or something. Anyway, 3 days later I am finally feeling better and more like myself. I hate to be sick!

This past weekend, I got to get together with one of my very best friend's from childhood, Allison. She lives in League City and we hardly ever get to see each other. In fact, it's probably been years since I've seen or talked to her. We met here in The Woodlands for lunch and had a great time chatting and catching up. One thing we realized we have in common is that we are both HUGE Twilight fans, and we both want to go to the Twilight Convention coming to Houston this April. What's even funnier, is that we both like all the same characters and are both Team Edward all the way! It was really neat to find another person just as obsessed with it as I am! We are planning a trip to the convention in April - we found out that the actor who plays Carlisle is going to be at the convention on the opening night. We would both love to be there for that. I'll keep ya posted on any new info. I get!

Stephen is still not officially working yet - it's been about 6 months now. I would have never thought he would be without a job this long. However, it's amazing how God provides and somehow you make it. He qualified for Unemployment benefits so he's been able to get that, which isn't much, but it does help. He actually went up to his office today to take one of his exams, but there was some kind of glitch in the system so he had to reschedule it. It is really starting to drive me crazy! I know he is so ready to move on past taking these exams. Please pray for him to have the endurance to get through this difficult part of changing careers. I know in the long run, it will be worth the change. Nothing could be worse than the jobs he's had in the past and I would never want him to have to go back to that!

Anyway, that's it for now. Until next time..........

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