Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last weekend we went up to Huntsville to spend the day on the farm with MawMaw and Papaw. I've been working on putting a little slideshow together and finally finished it tonight. Logan loves the moo cows! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Picture update.....finally!!!!!!!!

I am finally getting to update the blog with some pictures. I've been having problems being able to download pictures from home this summer so I've been doing it at school and then emailing them to myself to view at home. Geez! Computers! Why can't they just work like ya want 'em to???

Anyway, here's some pictures I've had on my camera for a while now. Actually, the first
are from our trip to Schlitterbahn this past weekend. We left on Sunday and spent two full days at the park with the girls. Logan stayed with Stephen's parents - we really missed him but he had a great time playing with Nanny and Grandad and getting ALL the attention!

The first ride we rode was the
Congo River tube ride and I lost
my favorite sunglasses - of course!

Daddy and his girls

Check out my $3 rainbow
brite sunglasses from the
gift shop - very schnazzy!

The girls really liked the body slides....they're favorite ride was the Bahnzai Pipeline seen here in the background.

Stephen and I tried the Boogie
Bahn board was a little
scary and the girls wanted NO
part of it. They were happy just
watching us!

Schlitterbahn is 30 years old
this year!

The girls went to the dentist last week to get their check-up and cleaning before going back to school. They both did great - no cavities thankfully!

Leah getting x-rays

Leah getting her teeth cleaned
while she watches HSM2 on the

Lauren watching HSM2

Lauren wasn't too sure about
the whole x-ray thing.

One of our projects this summer was to decorate the girl's
school boxes for 1st grade. Here's a picture of the finished
product. I'm sure Mrs. Jarratt is going to love the little
boa flurries flying around. :)

Here's a couple of pictures of Logan and Stephen from one
of Logan's swimming lessons back in July. He still has two more
lessons this summer before his session is over. He really enjoys
them and we take turns doing the class with him so we enjoy
that time with him too. The girls get a kick out of watching him
splash around.

Logan loves to put on his
sister's skates and try to skate
around the house. He thinks
he's BIG stuff.

Lazy summer morning in their
p.j.'s - love it!

Logan loves his new trike that his
friends from down the street gave him.
He is one cool ridin' dude!

More pictures to come as I get them loaded! TTFN!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This past week has been a busy one......we headed over to our friend Kooper's SplashPad one day for some swimming fun. Here are some cute pictures of Kooper and Logan playing.....

Here's a good picture of the
girls that Jill took.

I have some pictures that I need to download, but I'm having trouble getting it to work on my computer at home so I'll have to wait and do it at school. I'm sure I'll be up there quite a bit this week getting my classroom ready. Wednesday we have our first official team leader meeting then I'm meeting with my team here at my house that afternoon. We officially go back to school on August 17th then the girls will start on August 24th. Stephen has accepted a new job so thankfully he will be around the next month to help out with the kids. He is going to be taking some courses for his new job so he will be doing those from home. He has to take three tests and pass them before he can get his financial advising license. He is a little nervous about it, but I know he'll do fine. He will be working for AXA Advisors here in The Woodlands - we are so glad that his office will be so close so that he won't have to commute downtown anymore. He ended up having 5 job offers......all 5 were jobs that I found for him.......his current employer said they would help him find a job......yeah right! They didn't do anything - we did it all ourselves! I was quite surprised at the number of jobs that are out there - you hear on the news that everyone is getting laid-off and there are no jobs anywhere.......I was able to find several for him. It was ALOT of work though and definitely not an overnight could make searching for a job a full-time career. I told him maybe I missed my calling and should have been a job head-hunter (haha)! It would take me hours sometimes to complete applications for him. He couldn't do it during the day since he was still working. God's timing was perfect....since it was summer time and I was home, it allowed me to have the extra time to help him search. If he had been laid-off during the school year, I wouldn't have been able to help as much. I also had the opportunity to go up to his future office, visit with his supervisor, and ask questions - I am glad I was able to do that. We're just thankful for this job opportunity and continue to pray that Stephen will be happy with this career change.
Next week we've decided to take the girls to Schlitterbahn before I go back to work. Stephen's parents are going to keep Logan so that we'll be able to do more of the rides. The girls are very excited because they have never been to a waterpark before. I'm sure they will love it!

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