Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm finally able to sit down and update my poor blog! It seems like Stephen is always on the computer studying when I want some blog time! He finished his practice exam today and made an 86 so he is feeling confident about the 'real' exam this coming week. Once he passes that one, he'll have one more exam to go and then he can officially start working again! Praise God!

The girls finally decided what they wanted to be for Halloween after much thought......
Leah is going to be Alex from 'The Wizards of Waverly Place' (which is one of her favorite
Disney shows)

Lauren is going to be a veterinarian because she has such a heart for animals and loves helping them
Logan is going to be a train engineer, but I don't have a picture of him yet. His costume came in and his overalls were really long so Nanny is working on stitching them up for him. He will be so cute! His outfit has a little hat and red hankie he'll wear around his neck and a train whistle too. I think we're going to decorate his wagon to look like a train so when we go trick-or-treating, it will give him something cute to ride in. I'll post a picture of him as soon as his outfit is all fixed up!

I've also been meaning to post these pictures of my nephew, Taylor's, 4th birthday party from a few weeks ago at Chuck E. Cheese. The kiddos had a blast!
Can you tell which one is the birthday boy? HA!
Dancing and singing with Chuck E. Cheese!
Yummy cake!
Logan LOVED all the rides!

The kids were scrambling to pick
up as many tickets as they could
when Chuck E. Cheese threw them
into the air!
Get me outta here!!!

Tyler was having a good time
tasting everything!
How do you work these games anyway???
Speaking of birthdays, I went ahead and booked Logan's 2nd birthday party today at Pump-it-Up. That is where the girls had their 2nd birthday party and they absolutely loved it so I know he will too. We can invite alot more friends if we have it there versus here at our house! Hope everyone has a great week.......TTFN!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poor neglected blog.............

Yes........I'm still here! We're finally settling back into our school routine and adjusting to Stephen being home. Wow! What a difference it is to have daddy around.......especially at the beginning of the school year. He's been able to help out with the girl's homework, dinner, Logan, making lunches, errands, etc. He has passed his first required exam towards becoming a financial advisor, but he still has two more to go. I think his next two tests will be some time in October. I know he will be glad to have them overwith.......studying all day long is starting to get old. I think he is ready to get back into the 'working world' again. However, I think he has really enjoyed his free time. I feel like he is now getting back all the lost time he never received at his other vacation time, super late hours, always traveling, etc. He is so much more involved now and we love it! School is going well and the girls are really liking first grade. I am soooooo glad that I put them in the same class again this year! It makes the after school homework process so much easier. It takes a good hour or more each day to sit down and do homework with both of them and having the same assignments/projects is very helpful. Today was 'Read for Life' day in our district and each classroom at our school invited parents to come and read to their child's class. Stephen and I both went and read to the girl's class and they loved it! Stephen was really nervous about it, but he did just fine! This evening Leah and Logan and I went on a nice long bike ride while Stephen and Lauren went to Luby's to get some dinner. When we got back, we put Logan in the tub for bathtime and he started putting his mouth on the bottom of the tub and making all kinds of silly noises - it was hilarious! Thankfully, he did it long enough for me to capture it on video.......enjoy!

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