Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Part Two

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Halloween 2009 - Part One

My little vampire! Who needs Rob Pattinson when I have this little cutie?

Helping Daddy carve the pumpkin.....the girls drew the face and Logan helped scoop out the seeds.....he kept saying, "Daddy, a mess.......a mess!"

The finished product.....

We were keeping it real this morning with a little Michael wouldn't be Halloween without a little "Thriller"! There's nothing like my little man jammin' in his diaper to some MJ - gotta love it!

This video is of the girls jumping on this cool inflatable thing at Dewberry Farm last was unlike any other inflatable I had ever seen.....they had a blast jumping on it!

Last but not least, here's video of Logan dancing to the "singing chicken" show at Dewberry Farm last weekend - he had his groove going for sure!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Here's a picture of me and my partner in crime (Jennifer) this morning at school waiting for the festivities and parades to start......
The girls had Fall Fun Day today also and I managed to sneak down to one of their rotations and snap a couple of pictures. My little pumpkin girls! They are looking forward to going to a masquerade ball birthday party tomorrow (their third costume party) and then trick-or-treating tomorrow night! I've got to get busy working on Logan's "train" to go with his train engineer to come soon of the finished product!

For the month of November, our school is allowing students to make posters to honor veterans in their family. We made one for our daddy, of course! Here is a picture of the finished product - it turned out very cute and was a fun project to make. The girls got a kick out of looking at some of daddy's old Navy pictures........"oh my" is about all I can say about that - ha!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dewberry Farm

Check out the slideshow of the fun day we had today at Dewberry Farm. Well worth the drive over to Brookshire, Texas!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunch with my guys.....

Logan stayed at home with Stephen today because Ms. Cheryl wasn't feeling well so they decided to come up and have lunch with Mommy.......a special treat for me! Logan was more interested in running around and putting his hands on everything than he was eating - imagine that! Here's a few pictures I managed to snap before he totally destroyed my room........

When the kids came back from recess, he was in NO way ready to leave. He wanted to stay and learn and play with the big kids. All my students were just loving all over him and he was waving to them and saying......"Bye, kids!" It was sooooo cute!!!! Stephen was finally able to get him down the hall to go home. I love my buggie!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Costume party

This afternoon we went to a birthday/costume party for one of our friends down the street. I put the pictures I took into a Halloween themed Smilebox slideshow that turned out really cute - the kiddos had a blast!

Thanksgiving Memory Slideshow.....

Dewberry Farm Slideshow

Fun on the Farm Slideshow

4th of July Slideshow