Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colorado Trip

At the end of July we traveled up to Colorado for a week. Stephen's parents met us up there in their camper. It was a great trip with lots of wonderful memories.....here are a few of my
favorites below.........

Our stop for a picnic lunch in the Cascades while on the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.....we enjoyed the beautiful scenery as well as climbing around the rocks along the water.

Horseback riding in the mountains....one of my favorite things we did! I was actually REALLY nervous about doing this.....I've always had a slight fear of horses......however, I felt very relaxed and did fine. Our guide was also really great which helped alot!
Logan was too small to go along on the trail ride, so he got to do a small ride of his own. He was a little nervous about it which really surprised me since nothing ever scares him.

This was taken during our first day of riding through the mountains on the 4-wheeler and the jeep. There was a beautiful waterfall behind us........perfect picture taking spot!

It was so much fun to stop along the trails and find a neat spot to have a picnic lunch. The kids got a kick out of watching the chipmunks run around. Logan even tried to chase a few of them but they would outrun him every time.

The kiddos were ready to go 4-wheelin' in the mountains!

This was right before we left to board the train.

We took a break from riding to put our feet in a creek that we found. The creek is mostly snow run-off so needless to say it was extremely cold. Grandad challenged us all to see who could keep their feet in the water at least one minute. Nanny was the only one who could do it! I barely lasted 5 seconds....no joke! Waaaaayyyyy colder than the Frio River!

Our white water rafting trip.....our guide Connor was amazing! I would LOVE to do this again one day. Logan wasn't able to go......he had to at least be 3 years old......so he stayed back at the camper with Grandad and they had a fun time together.

We took this the first day we were there. We actually passed up the sign and had to turn around to stop and get pictures. Right across from this sign was the "Welcome to New Mexico" sign so we did pictures there as well. There happened to be two other families taking pictures while we were and they were both from College Station.....small world, right? We ran into lots of Texans throughout the week.....one family was from Spring too.

There are so many more pictures and it would take me forever to post and write about them all. We are just so thankful for the chance to have been able to go on two great trips this summer. In the 11 years I have known Stephen, this is the FIRST summer he has ever been able to do a vacation and so for that I am so grateful......just one more reason I love his new job!

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